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Art prints

and custom-made production



Open editions

Since 12/12/2020, the abstract artworks as well as the photographs are in open edition, except for the possible special editions.

Two types of paper are available for the prints: an art paper with matte finish and a photo paper with glossy finish.

Fine Art prints on Hahnemühle paper


Print on Hahnemühle paper.

Fineart print on original 200g handmade Hahnemühle art paper. Every detail is faithfully reproduced in a non-reflective matte finish, without any reflection of light.

Age resistant and vegan paper.



The 12-color printing allows for intense colors, beautiful shades, unmatched depth and an extremely realistic representation of every detail of the photograph.

With a fine touch, a matte appearance and a smooth surface this high quality paper is produced directly by Hahnemühle, which specializes in handmade artist papers.


Printing on photo paper


Glossy laminated photo paper


Printing on high quality 250 g photo paper, in 8 colors. The glossy laminate (protective glossy varnish overlay) enhances the colors of the print and makes it more resistant to UV rays, humidity and daily wear and tear. Ecological printing technology.



Hahnemühle matte art paper or glossy laminated photo paper?

A matter of personal taste!

Hahnemühle paper is especially suited for abstract artwork, and makes any photograph, color or black and white, look exceptional.


Some artworks are offered only in print on matte Hahnemühle paper, whose silky touch and particularly vibrant rendering are the only ones able to render the depth and harmony of their shapes and colors.


Glossy photo paper works for any type of image, especially well with photography.


See my photography website.






Outdoor exhibition


The direct printing on a specific and robust aluminium plate, the alu-dibond, allows a prolonged outdoor exposure, a good resistance to bad weather and UV (and also an exposure in wet places such as bathrooms or indoor swimming pools).

Custom-made prints

Custom productions can be made, in very large format, on particular materials. Contact me for any specific request.

Prints on rigid media for indoor use


In addition to the direct print on alu-dibond, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors, a production on a rigid medium ready to be hung indoors can be realized on Hahnemühle art paper glued on an aluminum plate (alu-dibond).

The special collection Snow (Beauty of the world) can be produced on pure glass in 60 x 40 (23 x 15 in) format (for indoor hanging only). Pure glass of 4 mm thickness. Printed on the back of the glass plate with two layers of finishing to protect the print and improve the contrast. Printing on pure glass gives a great depth effect. Ready to hang.


Delivery time

Count on an average of 5 to 8 working days for production and 2 to 7 days for delivery. The quality of each print is verified.

The prints are manufactured in a traditional way after the order is placed, so delivery times vary according to the medium and format requested. The whole process can take up to 3 weeks.


Orders of prints

Each order is inseparably linked to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.

Each art print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and an invoice, sent separately.


Difference between art prints sold on this site and my artworks sold in stores

When you buy a print on this site, we are in direct contact, the quality of each print is checked, I can adapt to custom requests, produce on demand on various materials, advise you on the most suitable media. I send you the certificate of authenticity and the invoice.

Some of my pieces are offered in various online stores. The productions are also of quality, on papers or supports which can be less premium than those proposed here, which does not lower the quality of the photograph itself and allows a more affordable price. In this case, you buy directly from the store that displays the piece.

Limited editions, unlimited editions

Limited editions are limited artworks in number of pieces produced. Limited editions have two purposes: to allow for tax exemption (in France) and to create rarity.

My pieces are created in a perspective of unlimited edition, except for special editions (special orders or painting).

The price differences on each piece are therefore due to the production costs according to the medium.



Payment by credit card, via the secure Paypal interface (it is not necessary to open a Paypal account to pay by credit card).

Bank transfer also available.


Please contact me for any further information.